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The Chosen 12

The Chosen 12

Here’s the top 10 examiners who passed the 2013 Certified Public Accountant Board Examinations during May 19-20, 26-27, 2013 [the examination schedule was moved because of the last election during May 13.]. Ateneo de Davao University with a 96% passing percentage. CONGRATULATIONS!

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The Sanctuary

SECRECY. A bold and serious word that we tend to treat carefully. This noun, as important as the meaning it hides, led to tight and long-lasting relationship among common people. Anciently, countless persons have proven that taking care of secrets can gain trust and abundance to oneself. Many were successful because they learned and mastered the art of keeping someone’s business for intact bond and even…for their own benefit.

But where is secrecy now? How can someone (belonging to this new generation) define secrecy as important as it were ages ago?

Along with the rise of gadgets and the widespread of wireless connections, we are blinded of how important one’s privacy is. This is undeniably the common issue of today. An issue which made the authorities promised to solve but they haven’t. It grew even more unreachable to the point that it is already forgotten. Using one of the new technologies, we are forced to commit a worst use of false information. Example is when we give out personal data in making an email address. Practically, we key in wrong information so that we can prevent someone to manipulate our personal data. However the benefit we receive from spreading this certain information, we are starting to practice lying which will eventually grow to a bigger one.

We have been so used in hiding ourselves believing that it is for our own benefit that it became our hobby. And once we do it all over again, we can’t even notice that what we are doing is wrong. Do we have to lie in order to gain protection? Should the prevention come from us and neglect the responsibility of the other party?

Right now, we are using lies as our blanket to inherit sanctuary as we enter a world even more exposed than the public we come to know.

If you disagree with my point here, then please define SECRECY.

I mean…RUSH!

I mean...RUSH!

Rushed summer escapade!
Yup, that’s what happens when you’ve entirely spent your whole summer planning and planning for any summer stuffs but never really had any time to spare…and money to spent. LOL. But thanks to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Choir which paved way for me and my family to be with them in their outing.
Well, here’s a picture of the location. Ocean Pearl Resort at Marigondon, Cebu. It’s a nice place indeed. Suit for every family who wishes to enjoy the time together under the heat of the sun.

Yay! I’m enrolled at last. The 2-month long wait is gone already. More challenges and experiences that I’m sure to gain. I’ll take every opportunity that’ll come my way and learn from each one of them. God bless my semester. Posted two days late since connection for the consecutive nights weren’t so good.

MVP [My Valuable Player]

Meet and greet my favorite NBA player. He is a 27-year -old who garnered a lot of season titles and awards at a very pleasing age. He belongs to the competent team from Boston – the Celtics.

Yup! No other than the ever famous Rajon Rondo #9

Yes! Tomorrow will be our university’s enrollment day for the incoming second year students. Time passes by so so so quickly in college. Some factors I consider is because of the two semesters which some freshmen treat one semester as a one whole school year already. The next thing is the adjusting process of the students that they cover a lot of time adapting the new environment. Lastly, the fast phase of the lessons which are obviously more advance than the method used during the previous stages of education.

I am a sophomore already! Wish this will be a very good year to me. 🙂 God bless us all students!

If you really w…

If you really want someone, then why hold back? You only get one shot at life, do what makes you happy.

– Anonymous

As I was scrolling through a social networking site, I came across a post by an unknown person [since he/she posted it in a group, where someone can express or ask and their identity is hidden based on their courses.] The point is the person concerned is in doubt as to which is the right thing to do : when you love someone, let go or stay?

The question triggered a lot of possible explanations to me. However, same numbers of questions also came into my mind. One positive energy is opposed by a negative one. We cannot do something happy without experiencing pain and problems. It is all based on our decisions since we are the actors in our own stages of life. The better and safer question that can be identical to question above is : Would you choose to be happy now or experience it later? Make it hard for you today or solve the problems the next day?

Remember that God gives us life in order to live. We live in order to be happy. Most often, life gives us challenges by making the things we are happy about unfit for the happiness of others. There are balances that we should maintain and that what makes us confused especially when another human being is involved in a situation – yes, I am talking about LOVE. The love not only for the opposite sex but also the love we feel unto everything that surrounds us. Love, if we choose to continue, follows dependence. We treat them as the walls that shape our being. Right then and there, we feel danger when they are not around us either physically and emotionally apart. We give time to them and that makes us do things we love with them for us to show what kind of a person we are. In the process we forget our own desires and happiness. It follows that we are going far away from ourselves and what we used to and start to create a world with the people that make us feel special. The sad thing is, we overlooked at the fact that people change; one day they hold our hand and the next day they cut our wrist and bring that little piece from us with them as they leave. Imagine when someone cuts off our wrist? It hurts, and that what happens when they start to leave us especially when the affection we’re feeling is stronger than the day we first met them. It is because you chose to stay. But nothing is wrong when you stayed, you just assumed that they will do the same thing – but they won’t. Even our own shadows leave us in darkness.

On the other hand, when you start to feel something about someone and you choose to keep distance, chances are you are able to run away from pain or you’re on your way to the final resort called regret. There is pain one way or another. Its difference is the intensity of feeling it; the impact it can give to us.

As human beings, we are capable of feeling hurt, abandoned, and ignored. As a lover, we experience an even unbearable pain that seems to last. Always remember that once we feel like pain is striking us because of the decisions we made for someone important, it doesn’t strike even. We experience it alone and that is undeniably the worst part. That’s the price of selfless love – it hurts whether we love the right or the wrong one.

Hold back or stay? It doesn’t matter, there is always an end to it. We just have to be happy while we’re in it. Love is a one shot feeling.