SECRECY. A bold and serious word that we tend to treat carefully. This noun, as important as the meaning it hides, led to tight and long-lasting relationship among common people. Anciently, countless persons have proven that taking care of secrets can gain trust and abundance to oneself. Many were successful because they learned and mastered the art of keeping someone’s business for intact bond and even…for their own benefit.

But where is secrecy now? How can someone (belonging to this new generation) define secrecy as important as it were ages ago?

Along with the rise of gadgets and the widespread of wireless connections, we are blinded of how important one’s privacy is. This is undeniably the common issue of today. An issue which made the authorities promised to solve but they haven’t. It grew even more unreachable to the point that it is already forgotten. Using one of the new technologies, we are forced to commit a worst use of false information. Example is when we give out personal data in making an email address. Practically, we key in wrong information so that we can prevent someone to manipulate our personal data. However the benefit we receive from spreading this certain information, we are starting to practice lying which will eventually grow to a bigger one.

We have been so used in hiding ourselves believing that it is for our own benefit that it became our hobby. And once we do it all over again, we can’t even notice that what we are doing is wrong. Do we have to lie in order to gain protection? Should the prevention come from us and neglect the responsibility of the other party?

Right now, we are using lies as our blanket to inherit sanctuary as we enter a world even more exposed than the public we come to know.

If you disagree with my point here, then please define SECRECY.