You can be happy
          – but not always
There are times when you’re so sad
          – it seems to last forever
Remembering the times when you fake a smile?
          – you lied just to make everything fine
You tend to say “thank you”
          – when you meant to ask for more
Yet we say sorry
          – still deep inside you want to curse
To know you cried for the unexpected reasons
          – yet, you feel the pain fades
You do things out of of nothing
          – and these things made you who you are to others today
Sometimes, you overlooked something you thought in a snap
          – then you wake up having that exact thing, instead
How incredibly you take things for granted
          – when they are the obvious blessings you’ve always wanted
And it’s funny when you wished for something
          – when you’ve already got hold of it once
But you let it go…


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