How does it feel to walk in a street unknowing the distance you have to take in order to reach the end? Would it be better to enjoy the journey and never mind the last step or expect that something is waiting there but you just don’t know what or who?

They say the journey counts than the success. I say the success counts when the journey is worth it. When you say that how you do things is more important than the product you’ve created means that achievement can be easily disregarded in measuring how successful a person is. There should be balance everywhere, one must be counted regardless of how many points you value it, as long as it counts. We don’t do something out of nothing because naturally we ought to have accomplishments no matter how little task we finish. That’s why it is important to give value to the things that we do while we are aiming for something great. That’s life! Life demands appreciation and we can manifest it through hard work and perseverance. When we get to enjoy the little things while we are in the process of achieving something, we forget the pressure building ahead of us as we take one more step towards the heights. This mindset can help us move on easily if ever we fail in our endeavor. It shows us a different path wherein we can still use the things we learned in our journey and dream of something new.

However, if we choose to expect the things which could be waiting for us, we are in a complete reverse of thought in the previous paragraph. We give priority first to the future than the current state we have. This gives us better chances to adjust what we ought to do with our present in order to stay in the right path. Especially when we stick to the positive expectations rather than the opposite. With this drive and determination, we might feel the pressure but we can be able to fight through it. The thought of failing cannot get in because we are busy with building the right foundation every single day.

So, between the two choices? Which mindset or technique do you feel comfortable? There is a horizon waiting for us, the question is… will you let it remain as straight line in your curious sight or start walking and discover the treasure that awaits?


A/N : Everything is based on my observation and it is my free opinion about life. So if there are any thing you disagree there, feel free to comment and let’s discuss it together. God bless 🙂