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The Voiceless Giant

downloadDepression – an emotional state accompanied by low self-worth and a reduced ability to enjoy the beauty of life. Its symptoms are commonly felt by humans that’s why some are lonely, hopeless, and devoured by the pessimistic ideas inside their minds. However, humans aren’t the only animals created by God, other creatures considered living also experience and feel the same things men is going through everyday. One of the famous issues concerning the welfare of zoo animals in the Philippines proves that even these beings feel being left alone and abandoned in the midst of fame every day.

Mali isn’t just an ordinary animal kept in Manila Zoo for over 35 years now after he left his birthplace, Sri Lanka, at an early age of 3. She spent long years inside a caged and limited space in the zoo since she was given as a gift for the late president Marcos in 1977. Since then, Mali received praises and awes from children, tourists, and Filipino individuals by simply circling around the small spaces. Nevertheless, she is the only elephant in the entire Philippine archipelago. Although the fame she gained is worth celebrating for, the huge animal still felt a longing for solitude – to be back to the natural habitat she is supposed to be in.

PETA [People for Ethical Treatment of Animals] demands the return of Mali at her sanctuary in Thailand through their proposed campaign. Currently, the elephant was inspected and she is found to be suffering from a depression and some physical health problems. These are great risks to still keep the lonely elephant in the zoo where she isn’t comfortable anymore. Mali obviously needs friends and a company of her fellow elephants in Thailand where she was born. Any living who is sent away from his hometown will not just feel being exiled and different but also the feeling of homesickness every night when darkness envelopes and makes you feel so alone. Mali is even suffering more because there are forces that would still initiate her safety in the country. Mayor Estrada proposed that he will make Mali stay and let Manila and zoo visitors shoulder the expenses needed to accommodate the weak giant. Aside the expenses met by the people for her stay, Mali would still not feel normal since depression had already made her stay miserable and an extension to it would be a torture already.

The opinions of the professionals who attended Mali’s current state are enough to voice out what the elephant can’t say to the public. Her pink complexion and other visible problems are evident enough to voice out what the giant cannot say in public. Let us help this helpless creature and bring her home to the place where she belongs.





In Search of Mr. Gentleman

Though it’s true that change is inevitable and men are subjects of these changes, it is still significant to point out the negative sides of their transformation. It will take long moments in order for human beings to accept and adapt the current surroundings around them and I know, as a being, it is really hard. Change, however, replaces something in exchange for another; thus, it is a gloomy fact that most men today lost the most precious gift they inherited from their ancestors – their being gentlemen. I know that you will agree with me that although not every man you know abandoned this trait but you can still see the differences. This blog entails the disappearance of the gentleness in every man’s character and just what an important part it is that the current society needs its revival.

  • “I’m on a heroic mission.”

To start with, it is quite noticeable in some public places that men are somewhat absent-minded of their responsibilities as “men”. It is too mainstream if you are walking in one of the crowded street then someone pushes you from behind with great force that you also push the one at your front and creates a domino effect in that packed area. Then you look to see the offender and as you expected it would be a tall with a broad shoulders making his way in that no-other-way-cause-its-a-crowded place. It would be understandable that you are in a date Mr. In-a-Hurry and you are obviously one year late but it is not good to just bang your solid shoulders on the ones who block your way because the street is not your personal property. Especially when you hit on women even though it is too risky to make haste because you’re tall enough to say to yourself that, “The Street is crowded, okay? CROWDED!”

Some men just don’t see the consequences of how they act in public areas especially that there are women who observe how they conduct their manners. Mostly it’s something not to be happy about.

  • “First Come, First Serve” and “First In, First Out”

Men, especially gentle ones, are supposed to let the girls enter a vehicle first and she must be the last one to climb out. In places where doors are present [which is the usual case], let the girls enter while you are holding the knob. However, this is already a seldom practice nowadays. It should be a bonus point in your part to open for their doors and serve them their seats – you just increased your handsomeness, guys! Some men just let other girls find their own ways to enter a vehicle especially when they are in a hurry. Try to understand that girls are girls; clumsy and controlled, so give way first because you’re not as clumsy as they are, right?

  • “I’m not the RIGHT guy for you.”

Going back to the streets. Well, streets are wide earth with fast moving wheels going to and fro and there are lanes at the sides for the walking individuals going to work, school, malls, and other destinations. Men, if you are with girls, which side will you be? Of course to the part where you are safe from those cars that might kill you on the spot! Yes,

that is mostly what others are probably doing when they are walking with girl friends, girlfriends, or even female strangers. In times like this, you should be letting the girls be on your left side which means that you should be at her right side. Forget those moving things and concentrate on how you can save someone from complete danger by putting yourself on the line. But please do remember precautionary measures to keep yourself safe before any drunk drivers wronged you as a post.

Men. You are born with dignity as superior beings since you are the caretakers of the creations. Also, you are created first than women. You have all the reasons to be thankful and one thing is giving importance to what is assigned for you to take care and protect. It is not stated however, that being a gentleman today is already a dead air and will vanish forever. The present is actually a breakeven point where right and wrong meet. It is in your hands to make a move and start the revival of this important trait and start a new race that will be respectful to women and to yourself as well. Treat ladies as ladies and the society will treat you as men – the honored men.

It’s Too Cliché and I’ve Outgrown It

I can hear their cheers and sweet love gags dominating the once silent room. The weight of somebody’s stare from my left side then to my right and the faces I see right in front of me don’t just bother but give me goose bumps in every tick. I’ve been used to being a modest person and the last attention-seeker in this entire group so I keep my head bent down in order to hide the blushing of my cheeks. My two seatmates who are suppose to be the first ones to understand the level of my humility are not attracted by my sudden silence; instead they kept on pushing me with their shoulders and cheered with the group. To be in a hot seat with someone you consider special is something that seldom happens and I thought it would never take place. It is a moment of shame and attention; a time every girl in love wishes to have; but for me, it is a time for an end.

Everything is already too familiar. It’s been months when I last heard someone saying “ayeeee” and “you’re good together” that is addressed to me. Honestly I hear them all the time but aside from the fact that these praises aren’t for me anymore, the words are alien to me as well. Everything took place when we first shared the same class, professors, and activities. I can also consider that we also shared the same experiences – a lot of them. I can still remember the feelings of shyness yet victory when our professor called us together to answer a certain problem on the board. It was the first time I felt that proud just because of the silly idea of being with someone answering in the front. It was when everything changed between the two of us; we became what others can’t term as well – when you’re not lovers yet more than friends.

I can’t imagine how huge a part of me I would have lost if that moment failed to take place. We were happy then and much happier not because everyone knows about “us” but we knew that we found something – like we are taking a firm hold of each other’s existence because it’s worth holding to.

Every day is a mysterious one. I wake up thinking if today’s the last day I would enjoy calling you mine because I know there is no bond and even the thinnest tie isn’t knotting us together. So I enjoy every moment I spent with you and making sure it’s something I wouldn’t regret in the end [something I’ve proven wrong in the later days].  No wonder I was so open and obvious of how I feel, I didn’t know what to do then or how. It was the first time the best of my best was exerted in the hope that in that effort I can make us realize that we should be together or if not, just to save what we have. Yes I agree, I was being desperate.

I remember what you’re friend told me, “It’s like you’re the guy here”. Now I know what your friend meant. The thought didn’t come to me until later when you finally decided to end it. I was the one doing the efforts, hoping for a progress, and waiting for you to keep phase. You fooled me by fooling yourself that you love me when actually infatuation captured your sense of understanding the thin line between what’s and what’s not. Those moments when I feel like you don’t know me because you look away when I seek for your attention then there are moments you give me your time and making me feel like I’m the only one that matters. I was so confused then, but not now. I wasted my time making mark-it-to-my-calendar moments with you because when you left without a word you made me realize that you never felt what you showed me. Everything was a lie, but it was a generous one. You deserve a big “THANK YOU”.

For once, that first moment our puppy infatuation blossomed just by standing in a platform and simply appreciating the beauty of intellect and fame was the best jiffy I luckily experienced. I kept on rerunning it during random times and still I feel the same heartbeat that only arises when I think about you – unexplainable. Today, hearing what I heard months ago; seeing the same faces with their sweet smiles; and feeling the same atmosphere is too cliché. It’s like I’ve been brought back to the past to warn me of what happened after that instance. The struggles, false hopes, and everything worth forgetting; I don’t want to experience them all over again.

So I stood up, smiles out though I really wanted to [for a different reason now]. I walk without looking at the faces because I might flip at how supportive they are at this “duo” and I might ignore the warning and let this momentous event repeat itself. This was the exact time when we started, this will be the end.

A Thrilling Motion Picture Ever

Awesome robots, scary Kaijus, and brave warriors… this movie will truly excite everyone!

I, for one, is not a fan of big heads with monitored eyes made from metals all over its body. Scenes like heavy fighting and hearing those loud clashing of metals irritate me the most. However, monsters and aliens entertain me though. When my friends and I decided to watch a movie after our prelim examinations, they chose Pacific Rim.

It was the best choice. Before watching the movie, I wasn’t expecting that I would be very entertained, thrilled, and interested from start to finish considering the fact that I have mentioned a while ago. But hey, I was like ^0^ while watching the show and also my friends who were with me. No wonder it is still the No.1 movie in our country even in its 2nd week! Good job for the producers and the characters of the show.

If I tell you what made me change my perspectives about Voltes V, Astroboy, Transformers, and other like shows, I will be spoiling your interest.

How about watching it for yourself?


How can I forget,

When we both have that spark the day we first met?

The “who’s he?” and “who’s she?” we both asked our mates

T’was when we suddenly felt that puppy love state

Remember that one funny time

When I stared at you and you lost your line?

I still wonder though I know why

You saw something that can worth your while

How can I forget the things

When it’s only in you my heart finds its spring?

Amidst the winter cold,

It’s in your presence that hapinness consoles

I will treasure that Valentines Day

When you decided to put your feelings in display

Simple dreams do come true

Even happier that I celebrated it with you

But yes, oh yes, I’ve always known

Those moments today will be unknown

You never promised a certain clue

And I was left stranded in a taboo

So how can I forget,

When you’ve said words I’ve always wanted to hear?;

When every day I feel my heart yearn?;

When my heart just won’t stop expectin for a miracle?;

How can I forget like how you just forgot about us?