A Thrilling Motion Picture Ever

Awesome robots, scary Kaijus, and brave warriors… this movie will truly excite everyone!

I, for one, is not a fan of big heads with monitored eyes made from metals all over its body. Scenes like heavy fighting and hearing those loud clashing of metals irritate me the most. However, monsters and aliens entertain me though. When my friends and I decided to watch a movie after our prelim examinations, they chose Pacific Rim.

It was the best choice. Before watching the movie, I wasn’t expecting that I would be very entertained, thrilled, and interested from start to finish considering the fact that I have mentioned a while ago. But hey, I was like ^0^ while watching the show and also my friends who were with me. No wonder it is still the No.1 movie in our country even in its 2nd week! Good job for the producers and the characters of the show.

If I tell you what made me change my perspectives about Voltes V, Astroboy, Transformers, and other like shows, I will be spoiling your interest.

How about watching it for yourself?