How can I forget,

When we both have that spark the day we first met?

The “who’s he?” and “who’s she?” we both asked our mates

T’was when we suddenly felt that puppy love state

Remember that one funny time

When I stared at you and you lost your line?

I still wonder though I know why

You saw something that can worth your while

How can I forget the things

When it’s only in you my heart finds its spring?

Amidst the winter cold,

It’s in your presence that hapinness consoles

I will treasure that Valentines Day

When you decided to put your feelings in display

Simple dreams do come true

Even happier that I celebrated it with you

But yes, oh yes, I’ve always known

Those moments today will be unknown

You never promised a certain clue

And I was left stranded in a taboo

So how can I forget,

When you’ve said words I’ve always wanted to hear?;

When every day I feel my heart yearn?;

When my heart just won’t stop expectin for a miracle?;

How can I forget like how you just forgot about us?