downloadDepression – an emotional state accompanied by low self-worth and a reduced ability to enjoy the beauty of life. Its symptoms are commonly felt by humans that’s why some are lonely, hopeless, and devoured by the pessimistic ideas inside their minds. However, humans aren’t the only animals created by God, other creatures considered living also experience and feel the same things men is going through everyday. One of the famous issues concerning the welfare of zoo animals in the Philippines proves that even these beings feel being left alone and abandoned in the midst of fame every day.

Mali isn’t just an ordinary animal kept in Manila Zoo for over 35 years now after he left his birthplace, Sri Lanka, at an early age of 3. She spent long years inside a caged and limited space in the zoo since she was given as a gift for the late president Marcos in 1977. Since then, Mali received praises and awes from children, tourists, and Filipino individuals by simply circling around the small spaces. Nevertheless, she is the only elephant in the entire Philippine archipelago. Although the fame she gained is worth celebrating for, the huge animal still felt a longing for solitude – to be back to the natural habitat she is supposed to be in.

PETA [People for Ethical Treatment of Animals] demands the return of Mali at her sanctuary in Thailand through their proposed campaign. Currently, the elephant was inspected and she is found to be suffering from a depression and some physical health problems. These are great risks to still keep the lonely elephant in the zoo where she isn’t comfortable anymore. Mali obviously needs friends and a company of her fellow elephants in Thailand where she was born. Any living who is sent away from his hometown will not just feel being exiled and different but also the feeling of homesickness every night when darkness envelopes and makes you feel so alone. Mali is even suffering more because there are forces that would still initiate her safety in the country. Mayor Estrada proposed that he will make Mali stay and let Manila and zoo visitors shoulder the expenses needed to accommodate the weak giant. Aside the expenses met by the people for her stay, Mali would still not feel normal since depression had already made her stay miserable and an extension to it would be a torture already.

The opinions of the professionals who attended Mali’s current state are enough to voice out what the elephant can’t say to the public. Her pink complexion and other visible problems are evident enough to voice out what the giant cannot say in public. Let us help this helpless creature and bring her home to the place where she belongs.