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A 10-Million Peso Question


So Napoles surrendered. Yes, anyone who doesn’t know this famous and shocking news is not an avid anti-pork barrel Filipino. Everyone’s talking about it now and they are probably sharing the ironic things to be shared regarding the moves made my Napoles. However, stepping aside the common issue, one booming question is: what happens to the 10M?

The most intriguing argument to discuss is how will the government justify the unclaimed 10M. Sources say that right after the Malacañang Palace impost the 10M-guarantee to whoever sees Napoles, the woman eventually surrendered directly to the president, what a move by Janet. Since it was unexpected that she will do such a thing, people are now clamoring for answers about the floating millions. There are funny and serious comments in the internet.

Funny Ones:

– Let the 10M be given thru a raffle promo. Every one who thinks like this is absolutely a person who cares less about the fact that Janet surrendered but puts more attention on how to gain advantage on the large amount of money. LOL.

– The government will keep the money. Though there is a serious political and economic sense in it, the funny side is that since PNoy was the one who met Napoles personally then he can be noted as the one who found her. So, does that mean the government is the lucky winner of the 10M? Well, lucky for them and it’s seems like they needed it more than we do unless they make some ghost projects out of it.

– Napoles surrenders, she gets the money. Eventually, since no one actually find her hideout then she can have a claim to the prize. However, due to her large debt in the country’s economy, she will then use the money as a partial payment to her payable. Great because it would really be so helpful, and I’m being sarcastic.

Some serious opinions:

– Reasons. Some concerned citizens wonder why the government put a large amount of money in exchange for Napoles hideout. Since Napoles surrendered and directly to the president at that, it seems to show that the government is only making a big play to the people on their clever moves and stuffs. In the first place, they should have prepared some plan B if ever she surrenders, which actually is the case right now.

– Knock some sense out of it. It is a great opportunity to use the money for public projects. 10M was already a budget for a certain purpose and since the aim was forfeited, wouldn’t it be reasonable enough to simply share it to public by spending the fund for community purposes?

– Disclose the issue. Though it’s not as famous as the current issue of Napoles’ surrender, it would be proper to tell the public on the current plans of the government regarding the money intended for Napoles’ hideout.

So, what’s your say regarding this million peso question? Comment it below 🙂


N/A : all of these items were all from social networking sites and doesn’t specifically show the author’s point of view.


           ImagePork barrel scam is President Noynoy’s first great protest in years since his term in 2010. I agree with Sen. Santiago’s comment which I quote, “We’re on the verge of one of the most sensational cases of corruption in Philippine politics.”

            Philippines is one of the many countries experiencing widespread graft and corruption and its justice is most oriented against corrupt and greedy citizens. Presently, the public is now looking with fierce judgments into the alleged mastermind of the 10-billion racket Janet Napoles-Lim, mostly known as Napoles.

Who is this Napoles?

Janet Napoles-Lim is the wife of retired Marine Major Jaime Napoles. She is a business woman engaged in various industries within and outside the country. Some of her profit-oriented dealings are coal mining and a trading company. Her family founded their coal mining business in Indonesia and according to her; this particular business led their family in a richer position. She shows dignity and pride whenever she is asked about their company in Indonesia, too.

During her search for ways in stabilizing or if not, improving her economic statue she founded her own company – JLN Corporation, a trading company. This company of hers is the one involved in the scam she initiated.

Pork Barrel Scam

Pork barrel is the term used which refers to the budget given to public officials in conducting future projects throughout their term. The budget is obviously from the government fund, the taxes paid by the people, money of the people. However, though the budget is entrusted to a certain official, they cannot lay a hand to that money. The Department of Budget and Management does bidding among willing companies to store the budget and that winning bidder is the source for the money whenever it is used for public services and projects.

The scam started when JLN Corporation uses its foundations as the implementing agency for the funds of congressmen and senators. This is so because the company wins during a bidding forum by the DBM. According to an online source, a pact between congressmen and senators comes in and they will arrange a project that never was for the purpose of having a division of the budget. This practice of faking projects to earn commissions continues until they dissolve the budget and that’s how they earn large amount of money. The ghost projects were the facades in the abnormal lost of the budget which totaled to 10 billion pesos.

How did Justice rule over the issue.

No matter how arrayed and strong the implementation of justice in the Philippines is against these kinds of issues, they still failed in providing the right way of executing it. From a citizen’s view, the arrest of Janet Napoles took a little while to accomplish. It even gets worst since she was able to escape the arrest issued against her because of a leakage in the information from the NBI. It was so ridiculous knowing that they even got it on TV and boasted to the public that they finally got the warrant for a suspect’s arrest and it turned out to be sabotaged by their own member. Also, many people are already involved in the scam which confuses the public because today is a different person and tomorrow’s news will reveal a different involvement of another official. It is evident that the people behind the settlement of this issue are not coordinated enough to show the public that they are well-prepared in facing this big matter. They try to act strong and serious though it’s obvious that they don’t even have a single clue whether where Napoles is and the other people suspected in this case. Napoles left them with a bunch of expensive cars and properties slapping in their faces the fact that she is so hard to find because she is simply very rich and well connected with big personalities in the country.

The Bosses Ran Out of Patience

Rallies and everyday columns in the daily papers were made to shout their urge in eliminating the pork barrel. These people say that the government doesn’t know how to handle the budget that they’re giving to their officials. The Million People March proved the intense intention of the people in removing the pork barrel. Aside from the fact that this is so far the largest rally during Aquino’s administration, this is also the rally that proves the power of the social media. Facebook was the medium made by a concerned citizen in commencing a rally against the pork barrel scam, liked by his friend, shared by the others until it reached the different islands in the country. It was also a successful march of the people despite the fact that there was no proper communication among the organization who participated the event.

The pork barrel scam may be one of the greatest issues on corruption in the country for years. However, looking on the good side, this scam was the reason in proving once again the unity, power, and bravery of the Filipinos in showing the government that despite their [government officials] affluence the citizens still rule and control the country. Like what the president quoted during his presidential campaign in 2010: “Kayo [citizens] ang Boss Ko!”

The Conjuring. The magic, illusion, and trickery all in one production by the Warner Bros. and director James Wan who was also behind the horror film Insidious and the producers of Saw.


                This is so far the most successful horror movie for the past years that had earned wide favor from words-of-mouth and was trending in social sites for almost a week before it was even shown in cinemas here in the Philippines. Truly, people were resourceful and eager to watch this movie from different online websites and other sources. Facebook and Twitter, two of the widely-used social pages were dominated with hashtags like #TheConjuring, #Conjuring and other ways of creative terms to boast that they were brave enough to watch The Conjuring from the beginning until the rolling of the credits.

                Since its boost in the society, people who are not so familiar with it were enticed to watch the mystery behind this famous and controversial horror film. This is why it got a record-breaking effect in the Philippine Cinemas when it got out on August 21, 2013.


Banning of the Movie.

                Not long after the movie was released in the country, news that it was banned in some places was then spread across islands. This became a controversial issue since the malls involved were the biggest malls and shopping centers known in the country. One reason is that a girl did experience the same exorcism portrayed in the movie after watching it in the cinema. It was then concluded that the reason behind it was the fact that she watched the horror movie. Others also experienced heart attacks [while some are lucky for having just “a sudden attack”] during the moments when they were watching the movie. Scary right?

                Maybe some are only overreacting or they are just so keen and observant in watching the movie that they felt an attachment to the plot. There are people who don’t just settle on seeing what the movie is portraying but also go deeper to what the movie actually is. I believe these kind of people were the easy victims of having side effects, be it emotional or psychological.


Personal Experiences

                My neighbors who also watched the movie was having a late afternoon’s chitchat with my mom and she accidentally told them that I was having a hard time going to sleep for consecutive days after I watch it for my first movie review. Also she observed that I am more afraid than I was before because I can’t settle sitting alone upstairs and that I was a little bit jumpy even because of a tiny sound.

                I went cold when I heard them from her. For some reasons, I really didn’t feel any changes from my behavior until she told them [our neighbors] about my present actions. I remember waking up at exactly 3:05am though it was two minutes earlier as the time of the usual attack of the spirit in the movie. Then one time when I was getting change for school, the cabinet which actually have some similarities in the movie suddenly opened for no apparent reasons. I blamed the strong winds for that though it’s a 50-50 possibility that my theory is correct. The face of the witch always appears in my head even when I’m busy studying or doing something.

                Well, that was some of my own hallucinations. Either their creepy or not to you, but they’re very creepy for me.


A Major Success

                The conjuring outwitted several films that were released in the same time. James Wan’s movie didn’t just combat among horror movies but most especially it’s the only movie that many people liked to watch that sticks to the five-line tag: “Based on a true story.”

                Just this year, many movies were out that happened in the real life. Some of these were Pain and Gain and Captain Phillips but they were bested in terms of fame by a horror movie, The Conjuring. Though it’s common that true-to-life stories were patronized by watchers because of the realistic events, it’s surprising that a large number of the populace dared to watch a scary movie at that. It is said that because of the fact that the story really happened that it triggers the emotional part of the watcher to feel the fear and thrill that the casts had gone through.

                Nevertheless, despite the many issues that this movie got because of its intense effects of scaring people, it proved that it really succeed in their main role – to freak you out.


Roll the Credits

                I believe that if not because of the great participation of these outstanding artists, the movie would not be where it stands today.


                Patrick Wilson for an epic role as Ed Warren, the ghost hunter. He successfully led his character as a vulnerable person in the movie. Still, like how I described him in my previous movie review, he was so damn precious to lose. It’s great that he lived until the end of the movie. It was such a relief, really.



                Lorraine Warren, the wife of Ed and also his partner in hunting spirits was played by Vera Farmiga. A bold heroine that made the story end with a very peaceful one. Her kind and motherly affection helped Mrs. Perron be the mother she’s supposed to be.


                The Perron Family. These group of artists were very coordinated in portraying a happy and peaceful family. Their innocent faces as well as their acting really helped in making you feel sorry that they were terrorized by the ghost in that farmhouse. For a complete list of their names click this link:


A Movie that Gears Your Senses

“The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges on which we decide to follow.”

What the movie is all about.

The story settles on two families: the Perron and the Warren families. Each family was living in a very distinct lifestyle, really different and so apart from the course of one family from the other. The Warrens are more specific about paranormal issues while the Perrons are living a simple and happy life with five children. It started when the latter moved into a farmhouse filled with demonic presence from the house’s residences’ histories. These ghosts haunted not just the house but the bond of the family as well. The Perrons called for help and the Warren couple was ready to offer their service. Eventually the ghosts also intervened with the paranormal hunters and both the families were jeopardized by the consistent attacks of the entities.

How was the movie after I watched it?

            It was indeed creepy. However, it was not just the creepiness that brought goose bumps at the back of my neck but also the dramatic plot behind the wild ghosts. I wasn’t expecting to be so afraid even before hearing the same feedbacks from my friends but I was judging it too early then. The Conjuring is the scariest movie of all time, not just for this year. Its scenes aren’t the only reasons for making this at the top of the list but also to the great acting of the artists involved. They really performed it well plus the excellent plot that really suited the mode from start to end. I also loved the way the apparitions were portrayed since it was a hundred percent scary-to-the-bones that would make you wonder what is the cast pointing at and where is “that” hiding behind the dark.

My favorite part (and I wasn’t expecting that such event would take place) was the exorcism of the Perron mom at the climax of the movie. I was holding my breath during the whole moment when she was possessed by an old ghost who died in that house years ago. I only noticed the numbness and the coldness of my feet when the thrilling part ended and I finally got the time to blow some air before I suffocate inside my spacious room.

All I can say is that “The movie is worth watching. It is unlike other horror movies that give injustice to the people who did a big role by killing them all.” Though aside from the fact that it really was a true story, the movie give itself a unique theme compared to other real-life movies currently released. To tell you the overall impact and some good points of the movie will be spoiling it. So, for your benefit and to entice you more to watch this great horror film, I tell you “There is no harm in watching, scream and get scared till your heart’s content”

patrick wilson


Patrick Wilson

Patrick played the role of the paranormal hunter Ed Warren. He really acts in a way that will make you care for the role he is playing. He knows how to make the scene thrilling and at the same time makes himself valuable to the viewers. Even I can’t bear watching him hurt or worse. Great acting, he really fits the role he’s playing.

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In a Mother’s Womb

I was lying in my bed when I suddenly felt the significance of thinking deeply about how things work around me. The ceiling fan that ventilates me during my sleep, the cabinets that keep my clothes, the walls that shape the completeness of my home, and my bed that cuddles me when I rest. I thought about the persons who are generous and creative to invent such devices; and then I reached to the point of asking: “What made these people the man they were?”

Not just inventors but also friends, teachers, heroes, and any respected people are also considered great. I agree that they touch lives better than any normal person can do because of their sincere commitment of doing their duties to others. However, these kind of people cannot exist without first the existence of the greatest persons who ever lived – their mothers. In the midst of our hectic lives in the pursuit of our dreams in making our parents proud, better run through the tender facts that our mothers have done since the beginning of our time.

In her Eyes. Though we are created normally with two eyes, mothers’ eyes are much beautiful and wiser than any. No physical evidence would tell us why they see us different from the common opinions of others. They know what we did, are doing, and are about to do without telling them and they lead us into saying less lies than usual 🙂

In a Sniff. It is very useful to look best but much important to smell fresh and good in going outdoors. Moms are keen enough to know what fragrant fits us the most and they have that influence that whenever they tell us that “Honey, you smell good”, we automatically feel confident throughout the day.

She Hears. Some say that telling a tree about something you are embarrassed to say to a person will release you from guilt. However, I say that confessing everything (whether embarrassing or just random things) would not just free you from a heavy heart but most of all it gives us wonderful feelings because we are sure that our mother doesn’t just listens but also gives us the right things to do to solve something. Nevertheless, the fact that we shared without criticisms something is worth smiling much more when it is to our mothers that we’ve revealed such secrets.

The Foreign Language. Proverbs 31:26-27 states: “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” Mothers all over the world give us their most comforting words and probably the most wonderful and contenting advises we can’t ask from anyone else. Their abilities to comfort and calm a heart are biblically stated. Their wisdom are shared from one child to another through their mouths which is a start of a series of knowledge spreading in a state. As a child, though mysterious, but our mother’s words give us different meaning that one statement may mean something that others cannot comprehend correctly. Their kiss gives us strength however confident we are in our statue in life.

The Tender Heart. This part of our mothers’ is probably the most wonderful and important thing we can ever treasure as a child. A heart of a mother gives insuperable love that a child can receive from an earthly affection. It is the reason that love sprouts from an innocent child’s heart which will eventually grow into a mature way of expression. The understanding they (our mothers) possess is something that lifts a depressed soul and gives reason to continue living a better life.If there is a legend about love, it would be from a mother’s tender heart.

It is due to these parts that a mother becomes a mother. A combination of these systems gives them the traits needed for them to impart something to their children. It is, for me, the reason why there are many inspired people who lived, are living, and will live to inspire others as well. It is because one child is molded according to their mothers’ loving upbringing. It is in their wombs that inventors, heroes, and great persons lived. They are the reason that the earth is a place of love and inspiration.

Kudos to all mothers!