I was lying in my bed when I suddenly felt the significance of thinking deeply about how things work around me. The ceiling fan that ventilates me during my sleep, the cabinets that keep my clothes, the walls that shape the completeness of my home, and my bed that cuddles me when I rest. I thought about the persons who are generous and creative to invent such devices; and then I reached to the point of asking: “What made these people the man they were?”

Not just inventors but also friends, teachers, heroes, and any respected people are also considered great. I agree that they touch lives better than any normal person can do because of their sincere commitment of doing their duties to others. However, these kind of people cannot exist without first the existence of the greatest persons who ever lived – their mothers. In the midst of our hectic lives in the pursuit of our dreams in making our parents proud, better run through the tender facts that our mothers have done since the beginning of our time.

In her Eyes. Though we are created normally with two eyes, mothers’ eyes are much beautiful and wiser than any. No physical evidence would tell us why they see us different from the common opinions of others. They know what we did, are doing, and are about to do without telling them and they lead us into saying less lies than usual 🙂

In a Sniff. It is very useful to look best but much important to smell fresh and good in going outdoors. Moms are keen enough to know what fragrant fits us the most and they have that influence that whenever they tell us that “Honey, you smell good”, we automatically feel confident throughout the day.

She Hears. Some say that telling a tree about something you are embarrassed to say to a person will release you from guilt. However, I say that confessing everything (whether embarrassing or just random things) would not just free you from a heavy heart but most of all it gives us wonderful feelings because we are sure that our mother doesn’t just listens but also gives us the right things to do to solve something. Nevertheless, the fact that we shared without criticisms something is worth smiling much more when it is to our mothers that we’ve revealed such secrets.

The Foreign Language. Proverbs 31:26-27 states: “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” Mothers all over the world give us their most comforting words and probably the most wonderful and contenting advises we can’t ask from anyone else. Their abilities to comfort and calm a heart are biblically stated. Their wisdom are shared from one child to another through their mouths which is a start of a series of knowledge spreading in a state. As a child, though mysterious, but our mother’s words give us different meaning that one statement may mean something that others cannot comprehend correctly. Their kiss gives us strength however confident we are in our statue in life.

The Tender Heart. This part of our mothers’ is probably the most wonderful and important thing we can ever treasure as a child. A heart of a mother gives insuperable love that a child can receive from an earthly affection. It is the reason that love sprouts from an innocent child’s heart which will eventually grow into a mature way of expression. The understanding they (our mothers) possess is something that lifts a depressed soul and gives reason to continue living a better life.If there is a legend about love, it would be from a mother’s tender heart.

It is due to these parts that a mother becomes a mother. A combination of these systems gives them the traits needed for them to impart something to their children. It is, for me, the reason why there are many inspired people who lived, are living, and will live to inspire others as well. It is because one child is molded according to their mothers’ loving upbringing. It is in their wombs that inventors, heroes, and great persons lived. They are the reason that the earth is a place of love and inspiration.

Kudos to all mothers!