Can’t sleep in this silent night

Listening on my lone radio

Wishing the thought of you

Would come pass by my mind


Tonight, I can’t make it to the moon

We’ll just wait for the sun to come out soon

But I will still hold you tight

While we sleep through the whole night


Don’t know what I want to do

Maybe lie in bed, or hang upside down

Or maybe just shout to the world

Tell them how much I love you


Wherever you may go and all that you will see

You’re not alone, you never will be

Just keep in mind that wherever you are

I’ll always be there like a shooting star


Now, I will just take my time

And make sure that this feeling is right

Instead of staying up all night

I’ll just write you a poem with all my heart


Every second, every hour, and every minute we get

You know that I won’t regret

Cause you’re stuck like a melody playing inside my head

But you’re the kind of song that I don’t want to forget


My Princess,

How come you entered my mind while I was daydreaming?

And in the blink of an eye, you just disappeared

Like a dust in thin air, without me knowing


Please don’t hurt me no more

Cause every time the rain comes, your name just pops out

And suddenly my heart is on the ground, searching for you

Since you are my Juliet, I will be your Romeo