He’s fun, sweet, and honest

Treats you like a princess

Wraps his arms around you sometimes

And holds your hand in hard times

Isn’t it sweet when he stays late?

When we’re both together and makes my heart beat at a fast rate

He makes my affection rule over me

But thinking I’m special is a foolish guarantee


Cause he cares for other girls the same way

And they’re telling me I’m giving my imagination too much sway

What am I to do to control myself,

Shall I keep my love in the corner of a shelf?

He’s just a friendly guy, I think

And his care for me can fade as fast as a wink

Yes, to say I’m special is to say I’m a fool

Whenever I see him with other girls, it’s just so cruel

I get jealous but I know it’s wrong

Since other girls feel the same sad song

Whenever they see us together

It’s a funny game I can’t play better

A girl in love is a girl with patience

I must be fueled with the spirit of acceptance

He said I’m easy to get, that’s what I heard

Okay, tell it to me personally until it hurts