Love doesn’t come easy

Sometimes it’s sweet and makes us happy

But there are the dark sides of it

Please bear with me a little bit

I LOVE YOU, just so you know

Tell me what’s the best thing to do, I’d follow

Boy my heart’s in chaos and I feel so alone

Can’t you even let me hear your voice on the phone?

The people I know is so against us

They just won’t let me explain and continue to make a fuss

I must say they are jealous or just judgmental

But my love for you will not waver, sorry for being so sentimental

I know the bond we have grew incredibly fast

It’s like magic that I’m sure would last

Please don’t go away and hold my hand

Without you I’m incomplete, I hope you understand

They say you’re a serious type of guy

And you’re that man who would make me cry

They don’t know you the way I do

Don’t worry Sir, their words can’t make me blue

You and your traits may make them judge you

For me, they are the things that make me love you

I miss you and every day I come to realize

There’s no holding back, for you I would fight