Baby, it has almost been four months since then

And I still want to replay the mem’ries over and over again

I know they’re not too many to count

But those are the best that I have found


Maybe what made our love so sweet

Is because we started as friends, you and me

That’s why our closeness is hard to defeat

Our love grew deeper, deeper than the deepest sea


But I’m sorry if it was so sudden

My goodbye was indeed a burden

I wasn’t supposed to but I didn’t know what to do

I just have to find myself back to get back to you


I know you don’t understand because I’m so abstract

But I hope that by the language of our hearts, you can keep track

Coz honestly I can’t afford to lose you, my love

That’s why I can’t lose myself first because I’m offering it for you to have


Don’t ever say that it’s all because of you

It’s never been the reason cause I love you so

Blame it on me and curse me in every way you can

But after all, in the end, you will still and always be my man


Cry because you deserve to be hurt for what I did

But don’t cry because you lose me coz you have me still

My love will never waver and I hope yours would too

Cause by saying goodbye, I mean to say a new HELLO.