Gabrielle Corbin. The name was no big deal to her. Gab’s grandmother often told her that everyone deserves a good life and so she deserves a good name.

Good Gabrielle she is, indeed. She spent her time taking care of the charity of cancer patients that her grandma was once a volunteer. Gabrielle busied herself with the things that her grandmother loves to do in order to let go of the pain when she finally took her leave in Gabrielle’s life. And there she became a close friend with one of the patients, Ayel. Life was good for her and she loved everyone and everything that surrounds her knowing that they feel the same thing. She loves being Gabrielle.

It was in college when she started to know new things which made her uncomfortable as days passed. Maybe the effects of living in the city for the first time and alone. Yet something urged her to believe that a big change will hit her. It was not long when the change she felt was reduced to a tangible form – Dean Walker. He was her History professor and he took out all happiness that’s left in her. She was always faced with difficult decisions and it was too severe and it tired her to the point that she needed to ask him: “WHY?”

And with his cold voice, he said: “Cause you’re Gabrielle Corbin.”


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