Many years did the debate of science and religion lasted in order to answer the mysterious origin of the BEGINNING. The former stating that it’s in a wide explosion of gas and matter while the latter was a rather deeper and inner reflection that it was made by God because He wills it to be done. In the beginning, what was really in it?

I’m not a lover of Science and I am a failure as a Christian. However, both sides are known to me and I have studied them in college and therefore I can say that I am the Jack who knew little of one and the other. And what I know, with respect to my own independent stand is that in the beginning – there was an absolute nothingness. But nothingness, no matter how absolute doesn’t really explain what’s in the beginning. I won’t be one who would try to deduce the topic. For me, in the beginning, there was SILENCE.

We spend new year with fireworks and yelling and celebration. But the silence that I meant is the peace inside of us. The feeling of new chances and hope calming inside our very soul. We are so silent in our own that we try to burst and let it all out to share it with everyone.

2015… silence… and we take a step and the music will begin. Our life shall continue after that moment of silence when we face a new phase that God has given us. Isn’t it nice? To realize that we first look to ourselves before trying to change for the better. We stay still in silence and it that peaceful moment, we understand our flaws and our strengths and the year has TRULY begun.

Have you taken that moment of silencing yourself? Well, you better do. Happy New Year 🙂

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