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There are a lot of cool people nowadays. People who will speak “what’s right” when basically these just come from their minds; copy and paste what they’ve read; and pull down people by their arrogance just so they’d be the all-knowing god. A lot of them exist. Cool people but not strong ones.Where are the strong ones, you might ask. Well, they’re just there – scrolling, reading and observing.


Social media like Facebook, Twitter and other news-based websites impact a very huge portion of everybody’s lives today. Last I remember, Facebook was merely a site for socializing, connecting to friends and relatives abroad and creating new friendships. I’m not saying that these social media sites have lost their helpful functions though, it just “enhanced” its role. One can scroll into these sites and see diverse posts involving politics, crimes and viral issues. Not that it’s wrong. But these trigger a chain of opinions which would eventually ruin something – peace. Now, say that we are entitled to our own opinion. But do we really have to go all the way as to tarnish someone’s name when we haven’t even laid the facts straight? Sure, we have the sources we based our arguments upon. But these are the sources we want our ideas to be constructed from. In a general view, people are being judged (wrongly or not, it doesn’t really matter because we don’t have the right to judge in the first place), events are being manipulated to see the “better” side, social media sites are divided based on political parties and not to mention, it (social media sites) has been the home of many “all-knowing” people! If these sites were a big market – it is the dirtiest, most corrupted and noisiest. Freedom of expression has now become a big issue and it wouldn’t have been if we didn’t started pissing with each other because we are arguing to things that we don’t even have much hold of. We’re just audience in a fight but we act as if we are the fighters ourselves! We sympathize, people but we don’t have the right to bash. Care, not harm.

Now the strong ones? They are the brightest. The intelligent users. They know that one source can be genuine or faked. They know that it’s better to keep their opinion to themselves than add fire to what is currently taking place. As much as they want their opinions to be heard and as much as they believe how strong and credible their arguments are – they chose to stay in the shade. Looking. It’s not because they’re afraid they might be bashed because of it but because they’re afraid that someone else will be. They don’t join the bandwagon cause they prefer to be the judge of their own opinion. They will wait for more and more facts and decide in the silence. It’s good to change the color of a picture when you still have the portrait rather than selling it to the public beforehand.

But of course, the same is not true to everyone. Well, if the shoe fits, wear it!

A/N: This is based on an observation by a bystander in social media. The author recognizes different views in the issue covered by this article.


In the Silence

It’s funny how your feelings share with your enthusiasm. It’s like the absence of the rhythm of the poem when you wrote it completely out of nothing. I guess there’s really a need to coordinate everything in you to do something great in your life. That it’s just not the brain who passes the exam and it’s not the heart’s responsibility to know what’s good and bad – it’s everything in you that must start the work. For you are not you without the things that you are made up. You are not you without the things that make you, you. Hence, there’s a need to respect everything you have to move and function that constitutes you no matter of how least the one acts from the other. Little things, my friend, these are the most unexpected ones that can either make you or break you.

How many persons told you about taking care of yourself? And how many actually answered YES but doesn’t really know what aspect of yourself you should be taking care of? Health, spiritual, financial… there’s so many things to take care for yourself. But these are not YOU, these can keep you happy and rich but not the ones that would help you reach the happy life you dream. You need to understand the difference between you and for you. Try to keep the inner peace inside and build a model out of your own perceptions. Know yourself before knowing somebody else.

Maybe someday you can write a better poem that the lifeless trash you once wrote.

Say Hello to 2015


Many years did the debate of science and religion lasted in order to answer the mysterious origin of the BEGINNING. The former stating that it’s in a wide explosion of gas and matter while the latter was a rather deeper and inner reflection that it was made by God because He wills it to be done. In the beginning, what was really in it?

I’m not a lover of Science and I am a failure as a Christian. However, both sides are known to me and I have studied them in college and therefore I can say that I am the Jack who knew little of one and the other. And what I know, with respect to my own independent stand is that in the beginning – there was an absolute nothingness. But nothingness, no matter how absolute doesn’t really explain what’s in the beginning. I won’t be one who would try to deduce the topic. For me, in the beginning, there was SILENCE.

We spend new year with fireworks and yelling and celebration. But the silence that I meant is the peace inside of us. The feeling of new chances and hope calming inside our very soul. We are so silent in our own that we try to burst and let it all out to share it with everyone.

2015… silence… and we take a step and the music will begin. Our life shall continue after that moment of silence when we face a new phase that God has given us. Isn’t it nice? To realize that we first look to ourselves before trying to change for the better. We stay still in silence and it that peaceful moment, we understand our flaws and our strengths and the year has TRULY begun.

Have you taken that moment of silencing yourself? Well, you better do. Happy New Year 🙂

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Just the Second Girl


Gabrielle Corbin. The name was no big deal to her. Gab’s grandmother often told her that everyone deserves a good life and so she deserves a good name.

Good Gabrielle she is, indeed. She spent her time taking care of the charity of cancer patients that her grandma was once a volunteer. Gabrielle busied herself with the things that her grandmother loves to do in order to let go of the pain when she finally took her leave in Gabrielle’s life. And there she became a close friend with one of the patients, Ayel. Life was good for her and she loved everyone and everything that surrounds her knowing that they feel the same thing. She loves being Gabrielle.

It was in college when she started to know new things which made her uncomfortable as days passed. Maybe the effects of living in the city for the first time and alone. Yet something urged her to believe that a big change will hit her. It was not long when the change she felt was reduced to a tangible form – Dean Walker. He was her History professor and he took out all happiness that’s left in her. She was always faced with difficult decisions and it was too severe and it tired her to the point that she needed to ask him: “WHY?”

And with his cold voice, he said: “Cause you’re Gabrielle Corbin.”


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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

Sometimes we say that other people’s dramas are very silly until we experience them ourselves. Indeed, experience will teach you the best lessons in life and it is true that its effect on you is immeasurable – it can change a character. You wouldn’t pay a penny for it to educate you on things that you need to learn most. It comes for free if you take it financially but it’s the attitude and emotion that you’ll be putting at risk. So here’s a hint: I’m going to share my life’s drama and you will be reading a series of heartaches and queries that you might think would be silly for today. But remember that just like what you’re thinking at this moment, I thought the same thing before.

“When will I learn…”

I kept on asking myself that question that my brain is abusing me too much cause even when I’m busy talking or when I’m dodging cars in crossing the street – it’s always ringing in my head. But the thing is that I don’t know what I mean every time I ask myself such question. It can mean a lot of things and what immediately goes inside my head are the problems that keep on bothering me at night… health, college, boyfriend and friends. But to be specific, I can actually change these broad problems into: bad diet, difficult exams, pride and envy, respectively. That’s my life and as for now its how it’s going to be for the next few months I think. I keep on making problems and worry about them the entire day but I guess that without this habit my life would be boring. Maybe it’s how God says to me that he still cares because every time I think about problems I get to hope that He will be there telling me that it’s all part of His plans. Then all of a sudden, everything feels fine to me.

I can bear the fears and aches… for a while. I can forget about the exact things that piss me off for an hour or so. I got to have a time to be free and happy or pretend that I’m not at the end of my confidence level to move on with life. My dad taught me how to get the best out of everything and every day I am trying and every time I try, I realize that I can’t be that person who makes the best out of what she’s given. I hate it but there’s something missing in my life. A hole that needs to be mended and it’s been there for a while that I got used on the pain it inflicts on me. I got numb and I lost track.

My mother was brave when she labored me at her teenage years. I was always amazed at how strong she were when she brought me out to this world that I believed that she also delivered a healthy and strong daughter with her. Well, I guess the strength she was supposed to give me remained in her womb and may have been passed to my other siblings (lucky for them). I am weak and I envy those who can face their problems. I can be the best sometimes but when it’s time for my sail to encounter the storm – I don’t know how to fight. It’s always one of my wishes that someday I can be like the other people I knew who remained firm even though they are on the edge. If I were on a cliff, I would’ve jump out of fear by then.

But maybe I wasn’t so weak after all. I get to learn important values from my own observations and experiences. One thing is that life is naturally unfair and it’s when it’s being unfair to you that it’s actually being fair. I may not be strong but I believe that even the strong people can change the nature of life because we’re made to play the role we were born to be. Just like what Shakespeare said that life is but a big stage and we are the actors of our own drama.

The Half Rainbow

If only I can count the seconds without falling asleep while standing at the side of the ship, I could have. I’m just distance away from my hometown – all the longings and homesickness came rushing to the very ends of my nerves. At last I’m home.

But as I stood there watching the structures that are now clearer in sight, I pass by a ray of colorful light curving from one end to the other. I haven’t seen a rainbow for quite a while and so I was like a child looking at its entirety. I’ve always treated the rainbow as the bright side of life – joy, victory, passing grades, good health and loving family. So as you can see, everything turned even brighter as I watched this rainbow. For a couple of minutes my direction was concentrated to where the mighty rainbow curves above the blue ocean. I forgot that the city which bears all the memories I have is physically right in front of me because the rainbow caught all the essence of those treasured times. I got lost for a while that when I tried to focus my sight to the rainbow alone – I was surprise by what I saw.

The rainbow lost its other half. I didn’t know if there is a science behind it or is it just because it’s my first time seeing a half rainbow. But even so,one thing is for sure right at that very moment – it didn’t look good at all. It has lost all its might and beauty all of a sudden. I tried to search for the other half afraid that my treasured moments would go with it. Unfortunately, it was nowhere of sight. What to do? I can’t possibly stare at a half rainbow, it just seems so different and… sad. It would’ve been better if it would just disappear as if it wasn’t there all the time than seeing it broken in half. But then as I look back at the sky, I saw the heavy dark gray clouds surrounding the half of it. I saw a ray of hope believing that it was merely blocked by this clouds. However, as the dark clouds moved away from it – it revealed nothing. It was purely  blank and all I saw was the sky and the other half of the rainbow.

All of a sudden I thought of the happy moments I attached with that rainbow. How in a single moment, its Giver will take away everything and I’ll be left with the broken half and unable to stand alone. Moreover, I thought of how the dark clouds blocked my view towards that rainbow. Should I always blame the problems and failures just to give reason on how the other half of me was lost? Or should I just accept that the things I’ve lost are the results of the decisions that I’ve made? That it’s not the dark clouds which conceal it but we only wished it to be because we can’t open ourselves to the fact that everything fades and it’s how it should be – with or without the bad vibes in life.

Realizing those things, I went back to the cabin.


I once thought of a four-dimensioned love. Yet, I found out there’s just so many dimensions of love out there. But since i can’t waste my time gathering all these dimensions, I managed to compile into a one short love story the four dimensions I’m so proud to come up with. Enjoy reading!




Such as people are made with uniqueness, so is love. Cause love is what makes human, human.

For a girl who lived her life in the lowest stature in a society, she considers love as the powerful bond that revolves around family and friends. She completely defines love as the only thing that keeps her simple life happy and full of wonderful memories. She’s already contented of the sweet words that everyone around her says to her. She makes the best of life thinking that love is the burning fuel that keeps her love ones happy and love her more. That’s the simple love that every loveless creature would crave to have.

But for a girl who is given everything in life but in turn lacks the comforting words and embrace that the former enjoys, she treats love as the act of going out, dating and being sociable with friends that she can be able to share her expensive things with. She considers the words (truth or lies) as the measure of love that everyone can give. She knows that there is something better than that but since she knows that she can have everything she wants, she sticks to what she believes knowing that she can have it at hand in just a snap.

Is love the precious crown that makes you the humble or the proud one? Is it loyalty or pride you take with you wherever you go? Would you choose between one metaphor to the other to show your belief or would you choose both thinking that you might get the best of what you believe. Seriously, love is… what?


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Run Fast yet Slowly

Night, Oh Night

In this sweet and silent moment I lie

Now, I have the moment to think about myself

Won’t care about the world for it already caused me a lot of pain


But Dreams, my Dreams

Should you be willing, I beg you to comfort me in my sleep

That even if for some moments I can fantasy on what is imaginary

Through your lies and creativity, let me escape the bitter reality


Love, my One True Love

Why are you so far away and not even miles within my reach?

Even if it’s so hard I wonder if you’re feeling the distance between us

Yet, the bud of my love will continue to bloom as the golden time runs fast


Juliet, sleep Sweet Juliet

For a moment take a rest and let the world go on with it’s business

Cause no matter how much you worry, practically all those things don’t concern you

You have much more to take care of – listen to your heart that remains true!


Time, listen to me Dearest Time

I am but a servant who is dependent on your movements

Please be fast so I may forget these weary and let my love return in an instant

But keep it slow, for I may not have much rest for tonight to end my sorrow

Goodbye and Hello

Baby, it has almost been four months since then

And I still want to replay the mem’ries over and over again

I know they’re not too many to count

But those are the best that I have found


Maybe what made our love so sweet

Is because we started as friends, you and me

That’s why our closeness is hard to defeat

Our love grew deeper, deeper than the deepest sea


But I’m sorry if it was so sudden

My goodbye was indeed a burden

I wasn’t supposed to but I didn’t know what to do

I just have to find myself back to get back to you


I know you don’t understand because I’m so abstract

But I hope that by the language of our hearts, you can keep track

Coz honestly I can’t afford to lose you, my love

That’s why I can’t lose myself first because I’m offering it for you to have


Don’t ever say that it’s all because of you

It’s never been the reason cause I love you so

Blame it on me and curse me in every way you can

But after all, in the end, you will still and always be my man


Cry because you deserve to be hurt for what I did

But don’t cry because you lose me coz you have me still

My love will never waver and I hope yours would too

Cause by saying goodbye, I mean to say a new HELLO.