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It has been a while since Philippine TV had made a major breakout of sweet couples. Last couple who made up in the list was LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) whose tv series in ABS-CBN titled Forevermre ended just last May this year. Their chemistry together was so realistic that rumor has it, Enrique was actually courting the teen star. Then after the most-talked effect of the movie’s finale, no other teen couples equaled the LizQuen tandem.

Well, at least not yet…

The Forevermore loveteam.

The Forevermore loveteam.

Just two months after, GMA’s noontime show Eat Bulaga had its usual segment entitled Problem Solving. One of its characters was Maine Mendoza who was famous with her dubsmash videos (giving her the title “Dubsmash Queen”) as Yaya Dub who’s attending to her mistress Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola). It was just supposed to be a normal segment for the show, however, they are yet to know that something special would mark the show’s undefeated ratings as well as the hearts of those who are regularly watching Eat Bulaga. Yaya Dub was currently doing a dubsmash when the camera on the studio showed Alden Richards, who happened to watch the show looking at her.

Yaya Dub's face after seeing for the first time her Mr. Dreamboy.

Yaya Dub’s face after seeing for the first time her Mr. Dreamboy.

It’s very evident on Yaya Dub’s face that she was surprised and at the same time awed by the handsome face of Alden. Knowing the status of the young actor, she probably have seen him in movies before she became a Dabarkads in Eat Bulaga. It was an exciting scene to see because you can see that something actually sparked between the two of them. Maybe that first exchange of looks between them was the reason of their immediate trend in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in other social media.

“It’s because there were no directors and scripts when that epic moment happened. It was just her, him and the perfect moment at that very special day. Truly, that was something genuine.

Currently, #Aldub (ALden and YayaDUB) fans are swarming over social media announcing the daily progress of their love story. Indeed, their unplanned movie in Eat Bulaga was a major hit which added more viewers to the longest running noontime show in Philippine TV. Adding to the thrill, the couple haven’t really met in person until this very day and I together with the supporters of this loveteam have so many questions left to be answered or to be confirmed:

Is Alden’s feeling for Yaya Dub for real? 

Will there be forever for them?

When is the right time for them to meet and seal everything?


To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

Sometimes we say that other people’s dramas are very silly until we experience them ourselves. Indeed, experience will teach you the best lessons in life and it is true that its effect on you is immeasurable – it can change a character. You wouldn’t pay a penny for it to educate you on things that you need to learn most. It comes for free if you take it financially but it’s the attitude and emotion that you’ll be putting at risk. So here’s a hint: I’m going to share my life’s drama and you will be reading a series of heartaches and queries that you might think would be silly for today. But remember that just like what you’re thinking at this moment, I thought the same thing before.

“When will I learn…”

I kept on asking myself that question that my brain is abusing me too much cause even when I’m busy talking or when I’m dodging cars in crossing the street – it’s always ringing in my head. But the thing is that I don’t know what I mean every time I ask myself such question. It can mean a lot of things and what immediately goes inside my head are the problems that keep on bothering me at night… health, college, boyfriend and friends. But to be specific, I can actually change these broad problems into: bad diet, difficult exams, pride and envy, respectively. That’s my life and as for now its how it’s going to be for the next few months I think. I keep on making problems and worry about them the entire day but I guess that without this habit my life would be boring. Maybe it’s how God says to me that he still cares because every time I think about problems I get to hope that He will be there telling me that it’s all part of His plans. Then all of a sudden, everything feels fine to me.

I can bear the fears and aches… for a while. I can forget about the exact things that piss me off for an hour or so. I got to have a time to be free and happy or pretend that I’m not at the end of my confidence level to move on with life. My dad taught me how to get the best out of everything and every day I am trying and every time I try, I realize that I can’t be that person who makes the best out of what she’s given. I hate it but there’s something missing in my life. A hole that needs to be mended and it’s been there for a while that I got used on the pain it inflicts on me. I got numb and I lost track.

My mother was brave when she labored me at her teenage years. I was always amazed at how strong she were when she brought me out to this world that I believed that she also delivered a healthy and strong daughter with her. Well, I guess the strength she was supposed to give me remained in her womb and may have been passed to my other siblings (lucky for them). I am weak and I envy those who can face their problems. I can be the best sometimes but when it’s time for my sail to encounter the storm – I don’t know how to fight. It’s always one of my wishes that someday I can be like the other people I knew who remained firm even though they are on the edge. If I were on a cliff, I would’ve jump out of fear by then.

But maybe I wasn’t so weak after all. I get to learn important values from my own observations and experiences. One thing is that life is naturally unfair and it’s when it’s being unfair to you that it’s actually being fair. I may not be strong but I believe that even the strong people can change the nature of life because we’re made to play the role we were born to be. Just like what Shakespeare said that life is but a big stage and we are the actors of our own drama.


I once thought of a four-dimensioned love. Yet, I found out there’s just so many dimensions of love out there. But since i can’t waste my time gathering all these dimensions, I managed to compile into a one short love story the four dimensions I’m so proud to come up with. Enjoy reading!

Run Fast yet Slowly

Night, Oh Night

In this sweet and silent moment I lie

Now, I have the moment to think about myself

Won’t care about the world for it already caused me a lot of pain


But Dreams, my Dreams

Should you be willing, I beg you to comfort me in my sleep

That even if for some moments I can fantasy on what is imaginary

Through your lies and creativity, let me escape the bitter reality


Love, my One True Love

Why are you so far away and not even miles within my reach?

Even if it’s so hard I wonder if you’re feeling the distance between us

Yet, the bud of my love will continue to bloom as the golden time runs fast


Juliet, sleep Sweet Juliet

For a moment take a rest and let the world go on with it’s business

Cause no matter how much you worry, practically all those things don’t concern you

You have much more to take care of – listen to your heart that remains true!


Time, listen to me Dearest Time

I am but a servant who is dependent on your movements

Please be fast so I may forget these weary and let my love return in an instant

But keep it slow, for I may not have much rest for tonight to end my sorrow

The BIG “What If’s?”

There are some matters in this world which started from a simple speculation of how things work. For example, the existence of kindness and evil came from how men classified the actions of man based on the impacts that each represents. Giving alms to the poor shows good results so we say it is kindness and the latter is termed so because slapping someone on the face seems too violent in our perceptions. But how can we really say that the former is better than the latter? Was there any concrete form of law from the ancient times stating the verifiability of these speculations? None, as far as we’re told. But these things are accepted because human reasons involve processes and principles that give us not the exact but the “ultimate” and possible way of explaining things.

Therefore, every human is capable of thinking in any way about how the world and life go. So, try to reflect on these two possible “what if’s” I’ve created randomly. Well, to give you cues, I thought of the first one during Mass and the second when I woke up from sleep, amazing right? 😀


1.) Death. First of all, what is death? In my own understanding, death can imply both physically and spiritually. You can be dead spiritually but not physically or the other way around. Some are afraid to face death because we perceived it to be painful or dark. Some are not ready because they are afraid of what’s in it. Of course, nobody came back from the dead in order to give us clues on how we should venture into the new world we are entering. Death is something that happens to the ones who have a weak body and are suffering from illness. Some also says that death comes to those who have done nothing good here on earth while others ask why the good ones die first.

WHAT IF death is something more than rests and uselessness? During the homily of the priest during the second Sunday of Advent, he mentioned about becoming ready for the coming of God and that we should repent in order to be prepared on the death that is to come. Then suddenly, out from nowhere, I came to think that death is not about pain and fear. It’s about getting ready and prepared for the kingdom of God. Death is having a speck of idea or a glimpse of how heaven is.

For example, a man on the verge of crossing the streets randomly think of something so wonderful about an abstract idea that he cannot name and suddenly he thinks of getting to that place. Then a car hit him because the driver was drunk. It wasn’t an accident, wasn’t it? He was prepared and he knew something that any busy people could’ve thought instead of meeting deadlines and stuffs. Nobody can ask him what he thought in the last minute of his life, can there? He was far lucky than how we imagined he would be because of the tragic death that ended his life. Even criminals and other bad guys we knew can have the authority to think about heaven because they are humans and heaven is not limited to those who do good.

Heaven. We don’t know what it really is. Words can play a hundred of images inside our heads. And if someone could’ve seen or had the exact idea of what it is, they’re probably not here by now. Who knows, right? They are more prepared than how we imagined they’d be.


2) How can you say that you’ve found the person you should be with? I personally do not believe in soul mates and meant-to-Be’s that’s why I gave a speculation that no couple in this world are the exact pairs. Well, I really don’t know cause I also sound bitter actually. 😀

WHAT IF soul mates are two persons who have the same souls… exactly the same souls. Their lives are so connected that their life span are also the same as their pair? So, if one dies, so as the other half. I’m not talking about having the same birth dates or something, just their endings. You can never really tell because there are billions of people out there and it will surely be long enough to find that person who will share his/her life with you that’s why you go for the person who answered your prayers and so many questions on how you interpreted love. It’s amazing to think that when someone dies then another one (far from each other) also dies because they are related to each other… they’re soul mates who haven’t found each other.


Anyways, you can agree or not with these two ideas. I repeat that they are only speculations and I don’t intend to persuade you or something but just share the things that I thought could be possible in any way. 🙂

Life Is


Life is a cycle of repeated events. That’s why it’s commonly called: the circle of life. We get to experience this life in a short time, true. But in a very little moment, we experience numerous events which teach us different lessons. Life is complex and it surely is amazing.

Memories make life worth living. We live in order to grab opportunities which will later on be in a form of achievements, disappointments, or even random adventure we’ve encountered in the past. God gave us the ability to remember in order to realize how wonderful His gift is every time we recall the things we did yesterday. Though it’s true to say that yesterday is already a history but it wouldn’t be so without today. And in turn, today wouldn’t soon be a history without tomorrow. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are three relevant things. Their importance is all equal to each other and we have to cherish these different times of our lives.

We don’t always have the spare to time to do all the things in just one instance. If you have to say sorry to someone or thank the person you wish to show gratitude to – do it now. Priorities don’t matter if you really mean every actions and decisions you make. Same goes with loving or hating someone: love and hate are co-existent with each other. You won’t know how to love when you don’t know how it is to hate. But surely, you can love the person you hate and hate the person you once loved. What’s important is you’ve come to love that person in the best way that you can. Showing efforts is much greater than saying promising words wherein some are only empty swears.

See life in a different view every day in order to experience the different sides of it. Life has many dimensions and it’s your choice to discover all of it. The most important thing is, always remember the essence of living because nobody knows how you interpret the beauty of life except you.