Many historical churches were damaged during the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked Central Visayas today.

At exactly 8:12 in the morning of the October 15, 2013, the entire residents of Bohol and Cebu (two big islands in the Visayan regions) were panicked when all of a sudden a quake came like a strong wave in the land. The earthquake freaked out everyone since it lasted for 35 seconds without even lessening its intensity.

Every person who experienced that accident had their different reactions that some eventually became a laughing stock after the incident. Many of my neighbors sighted their prayers while waiting for the tremor to stop. However, all I can do was to watch the swaying wires outside while I stood up below our doorstep. I didn’t even mention any prayer because I don’t know what to say then, I was afraid. Did I lose my faith at that instance? I think so, it feels so bad.

The quake was a different issue, what surprised me more was when I heard that four old churches in Bohol and Cebu collapsed during the calamity: one in Loon and Looc Bohol, one in Cebu city and one in Talisay city. I felt goose bumps all over when I saw the damages – the structures were torn into half. These churches were one of the oldest churches in the archipelago. They are the 16th and 17th century evidences of the long-lasting faith of the Filipinos. But what happened to them?

What happened to them was what’s happening to the people coming inside them to attend Mass – the faith believers. When I heard one reporter telling on-air that nobody got hurt when the Loon church collapsed because there were not much people inside – was I suppose to be happy? With the fact that nobody got hurt, yes I am thankful but because there were no people inside it is something I can’t accept. Why? We, people of God, had lessened doing our duties because we are becoming addicted to the material things we create. We are becoming obsessed with the temporary and expensive devices in this generation. We forgot the essence of life, to serve God.

This month is the Rosary month, are there many evidences that we are praying the rosary? It’s funny when we give messages to our loved ones telling them to pray after the incident but not because God has given us a new chance to live. Think people, THINK!

Now that these historical buildings were already fallen, does this mean that we are fallen as well? Folks, keep the faith. I hate to say this but isn’t it a coincidence that the Year of Faith is coming to an end and then this devastation happened? Let us not lose hope! Don’t make these churches a replica of the ruined spirit that each of us carry today. We can still change and correct our mistake. Make God the center of everything – of your family, your home, and most especially of yourself.

This isn’t about the earthquake that can possibly end our world. It’s all about keeping our faith to continue our journey even if the earth faces its end.