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There are a lot of cool people nowadays. People who will speak “what’s right” when basically these just come from their minds; copy and paste what they’ve read; and pull down people by their arrogance just so they’d be the all-knowing god. A lot of them exist. Cool people but not strong ones.Where are the strong ones, you might ask. Well, they’re just there – scrolling, reading and observing.


Social media like Facebook, Twitter and other news-based websites impact a very huge portion of everybody’s lives today. Last I remember, Facebook was merely a site for socializing, connecting to friends and relatives abroad and creating new friendships. I’m not saying that these social media sites have lost their helpful functions though, it just “enhanced” its role. One can scroll into these sites and see diverse posts involving politics, crimes and viral issues. Not that it’s wrong. But these trigger a chain of opinions which would eventually ruin something – peace. Now, say that we are entitled to our own opinion. But do we really have to go all the way as to tarnish someone’s name when we haven’t even laid the facts straight? Sure, we have the sources we based our arguments upon. But these are the sources we want our ideas to be constructed from. In a general view, people are being judged (wrongly or not, it doesn’t really matter because we don’t have the right to judge in the first place), events are being manipulated to see the “better” side, social media sites are divided based on political parties and not to mention, it (social media sites) has been the home of many “all-knowing” people! If these sites were a big market – it is the dirtiest, most corrupted and noisiest. Freedom of expression has now become a big issue and it wouldn’t have been if we didn’t started pissing with each other because we are arguing to things that we don’t even have much hold of. We’re just audience in a fight but we act as if we are the fighters ourselves! We sympathize, people but we don’t have the right to bash. Care, not harm.

Now the strong ones? They are the brightest. The intelligent users. They know that one source can be genuine or faked. They know that it’s better to keep their opinion to themselves than add fire to what is currently taking place. As much as they want their opinions to be heard and as much as they believe how strong and credible their arguments are – they chose to stay in the shade. Looking. It’s not because they’re afraid they might be bashed because of it but because they’re afraid that someone else will be. They don’t join the bandwagon cause they prefer to be the judge of their own opinion. They will wait for more and more facts and decide in the silence. It’s good to change the color of a picture when you still have the portrait rather than selling it to the public beforehand.

But of course, the same is not true to everyone. Well, if the shoe fits, wear it!

A/N: This is based on an observation by a bystander in social media. The author recognizes different views in the issue covered by this article.


It has been a while since Philippine TV had made a major breakout of sweet couples. Last couple who made up in the list was LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) whose tv series in ABS-CBN titled Forevermre ended just last May this year. Their chemistry together was so realistic that rumor has it, Enrique was actually courting the teen star. Then after the most-talked effect of the movie’s finale, no other teen couples equaled the LizQuen tandem.

Well, at least not yet…

The Forevermore loveteam.

The Forevermore loveteam.

Just two months after, GMA’s noontime show Eat Bulaga had its usual segment entitled Problem Solving. One of its characters was Maine Mendoza who was famous with her dubsmash videos (giving her the title “Dubsmash Queen”) as Yaya Dub who’s attending to her mistress Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola). It was just supposed to be a normal segment for the show, however, they are yet to know that something special would mark the show’s undefeated ratings as well as the hearts of those who are regularly watching Eat Bulaga. Yaya Dub was currently doing a dubsmash when the camera on the studio showed Alden Richards, who happened to watch the show looking at her.

Yaya Dub's face after seeing for the first time her Mr. Dreamboy.

Yaya Dub’s face after seeing for the first time her Mr. Dreamboy.

It’s very evident on Yaya Dub’s face that she was surprised and at the same time awed by the handsome face of Alden. Knowing the status of the young actor, she probably have seen him in movies before she became a Dabarkads in Eat Bulaga. It was an exciting scene to see because you can see that something actually sparked between the two of them. Maybe that first exchange of looks between them was the reason of their immediate trend in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in other social media.

“It’s because there were no directors and scripts when that epic moment happened. It was just her, him and the perfect moment at that very special day. Truly, that was something genuine.

Currently, #Aldub (ALden and YayaDUB) fans are swarming over social media announcing the daily progress of their love story. Indeed, their unplanned movie in Eat Bulaga was a major hit which added more viewers to the longest running noontime show in Philippine TV. Adding to the thrill, the couple haven’t really met in person until this very day and I together with the supporters of this loveteam have so many questions left to be answered or to be confirmed:

Is Alden’s feeling for Yaya Dub for real? 

Will there be forever for them?

When is the right time for them to meet and seal everything?