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It has been a while since Philippine TV had made a major breakout of sweet couples. Last couple who made up in the list was LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) whose tv series in ABS-CBN titled Forevermre ended just last May this year. Their chemistry together was so realistic that rumor has it, Enrique was actually courting the teen star. Then after the most-talked effect of the movie’s finale, no other teen couples equaled the LizQuen tandem.

Well, at least not yet…

The Forevermore loveteam.

The Forevermore loveteam.

Just two months after, GMA’s noontime show Eat Bulaga had its usual segment entitled Problem Solving. One of its characters was Maine Mendoza who was famous with her dubsmash videos (giving her the title “Dubsmash Queen”) as Yaya Dub who’s attending to her mistress Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola). It was just supposed to be a normal segment for the show, however, they are yet to know that something special would mark the show’s undefeated ratings as well as the hearts of those who are regularly watching Eat Bulaga. Yaya Dub was currently doing a dubsmash when the camera on the studio showed Alden Richards, who happened to watch the show looking at her.

Yaya Dub's face after seeing for the first time her Mr. Dreamboy.

Yaya Dub’s face after seeing for the first time her Mr. Dreamboy.

It’s very evident on Yaya Dub’s face that she was surprised and at the same time awed by the handsome face of Alden. Knowing the status of the young actor, she probably have seen him in movies before she became a Dabarkads in Eat Bulaga. It was an exciting scene to see because you can see that something actually sparked between the two of them. Maybe that first exchange of looks between them was the reason of their immediate trend in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in other social media.

“It’s because there were no directors and scripts when that epic moment happened. It was just her, him and the perfect moment at that very special day. Truly, that was something genuine.

Currently, #Aldub (ALden and YayaDUB) fans are swarming over social media announcing the daily progress of their love story. Indeed, their unplanned movie in Eat Bulaga was a major hit which added more viewers to the longest running noontime show in Philippine TV. Adding to the thrill, the couple haven’t really met in person until this very day and I together with the supporters of this loveteam have so many questions left to be answered or to be confirmed:

Is Alden’s feeling for Yaya Dub for real? 

Will there be forever for them?

When is the right time for them to meet and seal everything?


The Half Rainbow

If only I can count the seconds without falling asleep while standing at the side of the ship, I could have. I’m just distance away from my hometown – all the longings and homesickness came rushing to the very ends of my nerves. At last I’m home.

But as I stood there watching the structures that are now clearer in sight, I pass by a ray of colorful light curving from one end to the other. I haven’t seen a rainbow for quite a while and so I was like a child looking at its entirety. I’ve always treated the rainbow as the bright side of life – joy, victory, passing grades, good health and loving family. So as you can see, everything turned even brighter as I watched this rainbow. For a couple of minutes my direction was concentrated to where the mighty rainbow curves above the blue ocean. I forgot that the city which bears all the memories I have is physically right in front of me because the rainbow caught all the essence of those treasured times. I got lost for a while that when I tried to focus my sight to the rainbow alone – I was surprise by what I saw.

The rainbow lost its other half. I didn’t know if there is a science behind it or is it just because it’s my first time seeing a half rainbow. But even so,one thing is for sure right at that very moment – it didn’t look good at all. It has lost all its might and beauty all of a sudden. I tried to search for the other half afraid that my treasured moments would go with it. Unfortunately, it was nowhere of sight. What to do? I can’t possibly stare at a half rainbow, it just seems so different and… sad. It would’ve been better if it would just disappear as if it wasn’t there all the time than seeing it broken in half. But then as I look back at the sky, I saw the heavy dark gray clouds surrounding the half of it. I saw a ray of hope believing that it was merely blocked by this clouds. However, as the dark clouds moved away from it – it revealed nothing. It was purely  blank and all I saw was the sky and the other half of the rainbow.

All of a sudden I thought of the happy moments I attached with that rainbow. How in a single moment, its Giver will take away everything and I’ll be left with the broken half and unable to stand alone. Moreover, I thought of how the dark clouds blocked my view towards that rainbow. Should I always blame the problems and failures just to give reason on how the other half of me was lost? Or should I just accept that the things I’ve lost are the results of the decisions that I’ve made? That it’s not the dark clouds which conceal it but we only wished it to be because we can’t open ourselves to the fact that everything fades and it’s how it should be – with or without the bad vibes in life.

Realizing those things, I went back to the cabin.


I once thought of a four-dimensioned love. Yet, I found out there’s just so many dimensions of love out there. But since i can’t waste my time gathering all these dimensions, I managed to compile into a one short love story the four dimensions I’m so proud to come up with. Enjoy reading!




Such as people are made with uniqueness, so is love. Cause love is what makes human, human.

For a girl who lived her life in the lowest stature in a society, she considers love as the powerful bond that revolves around family and friends. She completely defines love as the only thing that keeps her simple life happy and full of wonderful memories. She’s already contented of the sweet words that everyone around her says to her. She makes the best of life thinking that love is the burning fuel that keeps her love ones happy and love her more. That’s the simple love that every loveless creature would crave to have.

But for a girl who is given everything in life but in turn lacks the comforting words and embrace that the former enjoys, she treats love as the act of going out, dating and being sociable with friends that she can be able to share her expensive things with. She considers the words (truth or lies) as the measure of love that everyone can give. She knows that there is something better than that but since she knows that she can have everything she wants, she sticks to what she believes knowing that she can have it at hand in just a snap.

Is love the precious crown that makes you the humble or the proud one? Is it loyalty or pride you take with you wherever you go? Would you choose between one metaphor to the other to show your belief or would you choose both thinking that you might get the best of what you believe. Seriously, love is… what?


Check out my newest story in Wattpad entitled Love Is and witnessed the four lovers search themselves and find out what truly love has in stored for them. 

Run Fast yet Slowly

Night, Oh Night

In this sweet and silent moment I lie

Now, I have the moment to think about myself

Won’t care about the world for it already caused me a lot of pain


But Dreams, my Dreams

Should you be willing, I beg you to comfort me in my sleep

That even if for some moments I can fantasy on what is imaginary

Through your lies and creativity, let me escape the bitter reality


Love, my One True Love

Why are you so far away and not even miles within my reach?

Even if it’s so hard I wonder if you’re feeling the distance between us

Yet, the bud of my love will continue to bloom as the golden time runs fast


Juliet, sleep Sweet Juliet

For a moment take a rest and let the world go on with it’s business

Cause no matter how much you worry, practically all those things don’t concern you

You have much more to take care of – listen to your heart that remains true!


Time, listen to me Dearest Time

I am but a servant who is dependent on your movements

Please be fast so I may forget these weary and let my love return in an instant

But keep it slow, for I may not have much rest for tonight to end my sorrow

Goodbye and Hello

Baby, it has almost been four months since then

And I still want to replay the mem’ries over and over again

I know they’re not too many to count

But those are the best that I have found


Maybe what made our love so sweet

Is because we started as friends, you and me

That’s why our closeness is hard to defeat

Our love grew deeper, deeper than the deepest sea


But I’m sorry if it was so sudden

My goodbye was indeed a burden

I wasn’t supposed to but I didn’t know what to do

I just have to find myself back to get back to you


I know you don’t understand because I’m so abstract

But I hope that by the language of our hearts, you can keep track

Coz honestly I can’t afford to lose you, my love

That’s why I can’t lose myself first because I’m offering it for you to have


Don’t ever say that it’s all because of you

It’s never been the reason cause I love you so

Blame it on me and curse me in every way you can

But after all, in the end, you will still and always be my man


Cry because you deserve to be hurt for what I did

But don’t cry because you lose me coz you have me still

My love will never waver and I hope yours would too

Cause by saying goodbye, I mean to say a new HELLO.


Now I wasn’t supposed to love you, was I?

“I can’t love you cause I am madly in love with someone and maybe… well just maybe, I needed some company and you comforted me in those times.”

Don’t mind it, it’s my brain… not me. Well, my brain is a part of me so logically speaking – yeah, I said them. But honestly, I didn’t want to. My brain is working tricks on me again and it makes me think about things better left forgotten. I am sorry. It’s Christmas and I don’t want to ruin the season but holidays or no holidays, I don’t want to ruin what we have right now. I am very much guilty for still rewinding the past when it shouldn’t have to be part of the present especially between us. Again, my brain is the one responsible and I own my brain which makes me the more responsible here. But so as my heart, and my heart is the most important part of me, and my heart says something else.

I can’t hear a beat but I feel it yearning for your presence. Especially now that you are so so far away, baby. It makes me even feel that you are so close to me than you ever had. I just miss your laughs and your silly gestures when you laugh. 😀 I’ve never been this close and happy with someone. Tell you what, when we’re together, the sense of contentment always whispers in my ear and pierce me straightly to my heart. It really feels good, you know. I hope you feel the same, even if I have my lapses especially those you noticed and most especially to the ones I haven’t showed you yet. How I wish you could feel my mistakes towards you, no not mistakes but betrayals… the secret ones so that I don’t have to gain courage to tell you personally. But I want you to know that I love you and I…


“I still love him. That boy who gave me nothing but pain. Especially now, he’s got a new girl… I can’t look them in the eyes when they’re together…”


My brain. Again… I swear, it got nothing to do with us. Maybe I got used to telling myself how useless and worthless I am that someone had dared to reject me. That’s just how it is, and it has nothing to do with what we are now. This is different. I know it’s confusing and I don’t want you to fully understand what I’m going through but I am hoping you’ll bare with my moodiness. Cause I love you. When I see how love works to others, it makes me think how lucky I am to have you. You’re honest and very gentleman and I don’t deserve the love you’re giving me. But I love you.

I know what we’ve been through is so tough. And what matters most is the present, I love you but I cannot unfall for him but I love you. And I can love you more every single day and it would be just how it is. You’re special and I can’t not think of you and everything you do cause you’re different and you’re mine. 

Sir :)

Love doesn’t come easy

Sometimes it’s sweet and makes us happy

But there are the dark sides of it

Please bear with me a little bit

I LOVE YOU, just so you know

Tell me what’s the best thing to do, I’d follow

Boy my heart’s in chaos and I feel so alone

Can’t you even let me hear your voice on the phone?

The people I know is so against us

They just won’t let me explain and continue to make a fuss

I must say they are jealous or just judgmental

But my love for you will not waver, sorry for being so sentimental

I know the bond we have grew incredibly fast

It’s like magic that I’m sure would last

Please don’t go away and hold my hand

Without you I’m incomplete, I hope you understand

They say you’re a serious type of guy

And you’re that man who would make me cry

They don’t know you the way I do

Don’t worry Sir, their words can’t make me blue

You and your traits may make them judge you

For me, they are the things that make me love you

I miss you and every day I come to realize

There’s no holding back, for you I would fight

He is Romeo. My Romeo

            Honestly, I never read the whole story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet but when I met him, I guess there’s no need to open the book and understand the tragedy the couple ended with.

            I remember the first time I saw him, it was in the chapel. I didn’t know he is to be my classmate then, I just knew that I will know him. Yup, I am not kidding.

            I’ve come to know him since I’ve been a close friend of his best friend. I thought he is a serious type of guy but as time passes by I realized that indeed he is a serious one but with a sense of humor as well. The first time I took notice of him was when I heard him sing. Moreover, the way he cares for his friend is noteworthy as well.

            We came from different groups though. And even if there is no feud against his and my circle of friends, the thing is, I and his best friend quite had a little romance with each other and I even think that I am too lucky to have him (his friend) as my lover. But things didn’t go the way they should be or the way I wanted them to be. Eventually, we parted in summer.

            He was there all the while. When I was busy thinking of the man who broke my heart, he was there to make me laugh and joke around. During the time I ask him questions about his friend, he was ready with answers. One scene that I can’t forget was when he gave me the song list that I ask him to make and he suddenly pointed one song at the second page which happened to be my favorite song then. What made him do it, I keep on wondering. Fate? Coincidence? Who cares? Of course, I care. I want to know the reasons.

            During that summertime when I was left broken and depressed, he was the one who fed me with smiles and reasons to face that painful reality. Yes, by and by I felt that I am becoming better because he gave me the strength then. However, after some time, he too disappeared out of the blue. I was surprised and I was hurt but at that time I keep in mind that there’s nothing to be hurt about since he was only a friend… a special one.

            Like Romeo and Juliet, they have their own season to bloom. Like flowers left in the field, they will grow with love and trust. I guess it happened to us though I’m really not sure when. What’s important is, it happened J

            I don’t know about him, but even before we had the time to spend many moments together, I was already attracted to him. Who wouldn’t get attached to the person who mended your heart during that cold summer days? I even remember some of my friends who share with me their different opinions about him and all I can do is nod and console their one-sided love affair. I didn’t know I’ll be joining the group soon.

            We were happy with the closeness that we share. Even if we’re too close to be called as friends as what my friends say, there was no stain of malice in my conscience because I know that’s how he treats everyone, right?

            But my concerned friends warn me with the danger that I’m putting myself into. They said that if I continue what I started, everyone will look at me differently and I would also be hurting him in the process. I don’t want that.

            The affair I had with his friend was a happy thing for me then but I didn’t know it would cause such severe damage into what I am currently into. I know that if I respond to what I truly feel, it would bring issues and judgments from the eyes around us. What would he think of me then? What if he’ll realize what kind of girl I was like what the others see me to be? I don’t want to think of the aftermath, it’ll surely hurt.

            Though I didn’t know what he sees in me. Even if it’s too absurd to understand the idea of him falling for me, I hate to ask him why. I’m afraid that he’ll find out that what he feels was just because of the time we spent together that I’m sure he didn’t experience with other girls because I have been too selfish of consuming his time. Now, I’m trapped between what’s supposed to be and what will make me happy.

            Everyone and every circumstance around us are so wrong.  One says do what makes me happy while the others think of what will keep us safe. I don’t know what’s against it. Why can’t they let me love the person they say I can’t be with? It’s my heart, not theirs. However, thinking of the possibilities, it’s true that it won’t be good in the end. But who knows, right?

            Romeo died for his love of Juliet. Will he do the same?

            Juliet sacrificed everything for Romeo. Can I even dare?

            No matter how much time I ponder on the best course to take, all I see is his face – the smiling face of Romeo, my Romeo.




He’s fun, sweet, and honest

Treats you like a princess

Wraps his arms around you sometimes

And holds your hand in hard times

Isn’t it sweet when he stays late?

When we’re both together and makes my heart beat at a fast rate

He makes my affection rule over me

But thinking I’m special is a foolish guarantee


Cause he cares for other girls the same way

And they’re telling me I’m giving my imagination too much sway

What am I to do to control myself,

Shall I keep my love in the corner of a shelf?

He’s just a friendly guy, I think

And his care for me can fade as fast as a wink

Yes, to say I’m special is to say I’m a fool

Whenever I see him with other girls, it’s just so cruel

I get jealous but I know it’s wrong

Since other girls feel the same sad song

Whenever they see us together

It’s a funny game I can’t play better

A girl in love is a girl with patience

I must be fueled with the spirit of acceptance

He said I’m easy to get, that’s what I heard

Okay, tell it to me personally until it hurts