ImagePork barrel scam is President Noynoy’s first great protest in years since his term in 2010. I agree with Sen. Santiago’s comment which I quote, “We’re on the verge of one of the most sensational cases of corruption in Philippine politics.”

            Philippines is one of the many countries experiencing widespread graft and corruption and its justice is most oriented against corrupt and greedy citizens. Presently, the public is now looking with fierce judgments into the alleged mastermind of the 10-billion racket Janet Napoles-Lim, mostly known as Napoles.

Who is this Napoles?

Janet Napoles-Lim is the wife of retired Marine Major Jaime Napoles. She is a business woman engaged in various industries within and outside the country. Some of her profit-oriented dealings are coal mining and a trading company. Her family founded their coal mining business in Indonesia and according to her; this particular business led their family in a richer position. She shows dignity and pride whenever she is asked about their company in Indonesia, too.

During her search for ways in stabilizing or if not, improving her economic statue she founded her own company – JLN Corporation, a trading company. This company of hers is the one involved in the scam she initiated.

Pork Barrel Scam

Pork barrel is the term used which refers to the budget given to public officials in conducting future projects throughout their term. The budget is obviously from the government fund, the taxes paid by the people, money of the people. However, though the budget is entrusted to a certain official, they cannot lay a hand to that money. The Department of Budget and Management does bidding among willing companies to store the budget and that winning bidder is the source for the money whenever it is used for public services and projects.

The scam started when JLN Corporation uses its foundations as the implementing agency for the funds of congressmen and senators. This is so because the company wins during a bidding forum by the DBM. According to an online source, a pact between congressmen and senators comes in and they will arrange a project that never was for the purpose of having a division of the budget. This practice of faking projects to earn commissions continues until they dissolve the budget and that’s how they earn large amount of money. The ghost projects were the facades in the abnormal lost of the budget which totaled to 10 billion pesos.

How did Justice rule over the issue.

No matter how arrayed and strong the implementation of justice in the Philippines is against these kinds of issues, they still failed in providing the right way of executing it. From a citizen’s view, the arrest of Janet Napoles took a little while to accomplish. It even gets worst since she was able to escape the arrest issued against her because of a leakage in the information from the NBI. It was so ridiculous knowing that they even got it on TV and boasted to the public that they finally got the warrant for a suspect’s arrest and it turned out to be sabotaged by their own member. Also, many people are already involved in the scam which confuses the public because today is a different person and tomorrow’s news will reveal a different involvement of another official. It is evident that the people behind the settlement of this issue are not coordinated enough to show the public that they are well-prepared in facing this big matter. They try to act strong and serious though it’s obvious that they don’t even have a single clue whether where Napoles is and the other people suspected in this case. Napoles left them with a bunch of expensive cars and properties slapping in their faces the fact that she is so hard to find because she is simply very rich and well connected with big personalities in the country.

The Bosses Ran Out of Patience

Rallies and everyday columns in the daily papers were made to shout their urge in eliminating the pork barrel. These people say that the government doesn’t know how to handle the budget that they’re giving to their officials. The Million People March proved the intense intention of the people in removing the pork barrel. Aside from the fact that this is so far the largest rally during Aquino’s administration, this is also the rally that proves the power of the social media. Facebook was the medium made by a concerned citizen in commencing a rally against the pork barrel scam, liked by his friend, shared by the others until it reached the different islands in the country. It was also a successful march of the people despite the fact that there was no proper communication among the organization who participated the event.

The pork barrel scam may be one of the greatest issues on corruption in the country for years. However, looking on the good side, this scam was the reason in proving once again the unity, power, and bravery of the Filipinos in showing the government that despite their [government officials] affluence the citizens still rule and control the country. Like what the president quoted during his presidential campaign in 2010: “Kayo [citizens] ang Boss Ko!”