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Such as people are made with uniqueness, so is love. Cause love is what makes human, human.

For a girl who lived her life in the lowest stature in a society, she considers love as the powerful bond that revolves around family and friends. She completely defines love as the only thing that keeps her simple life happy and full of wonderful memories. She’s already contented of the sweet words that everyone around her says to her. She makes the best of life thinking that love is the burning fuel that keeps her love ones happy and love her more. That’s the simple love that every loveless creature would crave to have.

But for a girl who is given everything in life but in turn lacks the comforting words and embrace that the former enjoys, she treats love as the act of going out, dating and being sociable with friends that she can be able to share her expensive things with. She considers the words (truth or lies) as the measure of love that everyone can give. She knows that there is something better than that but since she knows that she can have everything she wants, she sticks to what she believes knowing that she can have it at hand in just a snap.

Is love the precious crown that makes you the humble or the proud one? Is it loyalty or pride you take with you wherever you go? Would you choose between one metaphor to the other to show your belief or would you choose both thinking that you might get the best of what you believe. Seriously, love is… what?


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Life Is


Life is a cycle of repeated events. That’s why it’s commonly called: the circle of life. We get to experience this life in a short time, true. But in a very little moment, we experience numerous events which teach us different lessons. Life is complex and it surely is amazing.

Memories make life worth living. We live in order to grab opportunities which will later on be in a form of achievements, disappointments, or even random adventure we’ve encountered in the past. God gave us the ability to remember in order to realize how wonderful His gift is every time we recall the things we did yesterday. Though it’s true to say that yesterday is already a history but it wouldn’t be so without today. And in turn, today wouldn’t soon be a history without tomorrow. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are three relevant things. Their importance is all equal to each other and we have to cherish these different times of our lives.

We don’t always have the spare to time to do all the things in just one instance. If you have to say sorry to someone or thank the person you wish to show gratitude to – do it now. Priorities don’t matter if you really mean every actions and decisions you make. Same goes with loving or hating someone: love and hate are co-existent with each other. You won’t know how to love when you don’t know how it is to hate. But surely, you can love the person you hate and hate the person you once loved. What’s important is you’ve come to love that person in the best way that you can. Showing efforts is much greater than saying promising words wherein some are only empty swears.

See life in a different view every day in order to experience the different sides of it. Life has many dimensions and it’s your choice to discover all of it. The most important thing is, always remember the essence of living because nobody knows how you interpret the beauty of life except you.


He’s fun, sweet, and honest

Treats you like a princess

Wraps his arms around you sometimes

And holds your hand in hard times

Isn’t it sweet when he stays late?

When we’re both together and makes my heart beat at a fast rate

He makes my affection rule over me

But thinking I’m special is a foolish guarantee


Cause he cares for other girls the same way

And they’re telling me I’m giving my imagination too much sway

What am I to do to control myself,

Shall I keep my love in the corner of a shelf?

He’s just a friendly guy, I think

And his care for me can fade as fast as a wink

Yes, to say I’m special is to say I’m a fool

Whenever I see him with other girls, it’s just so cruel

I get jealous but I know it’s wrong

Since other girls feel the same sad song

Whenever they see us together

It’s a funny game I can’t play better

A girl in love is a girl with patience

I must be fueled with the spirit of acceptance

He said I’m easy to get, that’s what I heard

Okay, tell it to me personally until it hurts